Samadhi -I Am

I Am

A visitor asked if the study of the sacred books will reveal the truth.

Maharshi - That will not suffice.

Visitor - Why not?

M - Samadhi alone can reveal it. Thoughts cast a veil over Reality and so it cannot be clear in states other than Samadhi.

V - Is there thought in Samadhi? Or is there not?

M - There will only be the feeling 'I am' and no other thoughts.

V - Is not 'I am' a thought?

M - The egoless 'I am' is no thought. It is realisation. The meaning or significance of 'I' is God. The experience of 'I am' is to Be Still.


Shri Ramana Maharshi
from: Talkes with Shri Ramana Maharshi, Talk 226.